3D Commissions

My repeat clients include AZHYMOVS, Jaee, and Sledge — please ask them about their experiences working with me.

Prices listed are minimums for typical work; you may be quoted higher if you have very complex custom requirements. We’ll chat about this in advance. Fees are due in full up-front. PayPal is preferred, but I can accomodate a variety of payment methods. All prices are in US Dollars. Additional characters in one scene are an extra $5 each (or $15 if using custom looks). These take time, so no refunds are available once I’ve started working on your commission. Long-term partnerships and bulk orders, such as for your YouTube thumbnails, enjoy lower rates!

For animated work such as GIFs, video intros/outros, or custom stream alerts, please contact me and we’ll discuss the details.

Character Render $10

4K render of any Dead by Daylight, VHS, Last Year, or Propnight character, using an in-game or custom pose. Transparent background. Recolors allowed, such as blonde Dwight. One prop (e.g., a generator or desk) included for free.

Custom Character $20

Same as Character Render, but with custom elements such as placing your logo on the character’s outfit, or as graffiti or branding on a prop.

Scened Character $45

Same as Custom Character, with your character placed into an in-game scene or area. Some areas (such as the RPD) can’t easily be recreated, so we’ll discuss before hiring.

Custom Scene $75+

Same as Custom Character, featuring a scene I’ll create just for you! We’ll discuss in advance how complex your scene will be before I can give an accurate quote.

Ready to get started? DM me on Twitter @SacrilegeGG or email [email protected]